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Actual Price List

Here You can download our actual Price List (pdf file).

Detailed offer of our animal can also be viewed directly in this sections of our website. The offer is structured into individual groups of animals accessible from the menu on the left side of this section. Take Your time and take a look how extensive range of exotic animals we offer.




We Are Looking For...

We are not almighty. We need your help too. For our own breeding projects or our partners and friends we are looking for a specific reptiles from individual breeders. These animals will be incorporated into our breeding groups and with their help will gradually expand our complete offer. If you are offering any of the following animals, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be grateful for the assistance provided and possibly  we can offer attractive benefits for Your help as well.

Eublepharis hardwickii - Male

Anolis garmani - Female

Goniurosaurus kuroiwae - Male, Pair

Paroedura karstophila - Pairs

Paroedura lohatsara - Pairs

Nephrurus levis - Female

Paralaudakia lehmanni - Pairs

Xenagama taylori - Females

Xenagama batilifera - Females