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SpeciesSexAgeAmountNoticePrice €
Aphistogoniulus corallipes1,1Large1015,-
Archispirostreptus gigas1,1Large1010,-
Avicularia avicularia0.0.1CB 20141025,-
Cardiosoma auratum0,0,1Medium2510,-
Coenobia clypateus0,0,1Large2510,-
Coenobia clypateus0,0,1Medium257,-
Gecarcinus quadratus0.0.1Medium1010,-
Grammostola rosea0.0.1CB 20132015,-
Heterometrus petersi0,0,1CB 201425Babies5,-
Heterometrus petersi0,0,1CB 201425Males and Females Available10,-
0,1 Female
1,0 Male
0,0,1 Baby
1,1 Pair
CB Born in Captivity
CB 8/2009 Born in Captivity  in August 2009