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SpeciesSexAgeAmountNoticePrice €
Phelsuma klemmeri0,0,1CB 2015550,-
Phelsuma laticauda0,0,1CB 20151035,-
Phelsuma mad. grandis0,1CB 201410Adult Females75,-
Phelsuma mad. grandis1,0CB 201410Adult Males75,-
Phelsuma mad. grandis0,0,1CB 201420Small35,-
Phelsuma mad. grandis0,0,1CB 201520Medium40,-
Phelsuma mad. kochi0,0,1CB 20151035,-
Phelsuma mad. madagascariensis0,0,1CB 20152040,-
Phelsuma nigristriata0,0,1CB 20151040,-
Phelsuma pasteuri0,0,1CB 2015250,-
Phelsuma quadriocellata0,0,1CB 2015435,-
Phelsuma standingi0,0,1CB 2015240,-
Phelsuma standingi1,0CB 20121Adult Male70,-
0,1 Female
1,0 Male
0,0,1 Baby
1,1 Pair
CB Born in Captivity
CB 8/2009 Born in Captivity in August 2009